Elements of Strategic Planning in PECO

Our Vision:

To position ourselves as an excellent and innovative leading contractor focused on the execution of oil and gas drilling projects.

    Turning plans into action:

    As a private leading company in the oil and gas industry relying on expert human resources and benefiting from knowledge and new technologies, our mission is to:

    • Create value for our shareholders and stakeholders

    • Provide integrated project management and selected engineering services to our clients.

    • Address our social and environmental responsibilities throughout our operations.

    PECO's policies are based on our core missions:

    Protection of our Assets and Financial Integrity, Safety and Sustainability, to ensure that we continue to make ethical decisions in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

    Our policies are based on a principles-based approach and include:

    • Market development through the development of strategic relationships with clients, contractors and service providers

    improving profitability through optimized management of organizational resources

    • Developing technical knowledge, quality management and supply chain in monitoring and implementing projects

    • Efforts to improve the satisfaction of clients and other beneficiaries by identifying and meeting their requirements and needs

    Being committed to conducting our operations in accordance with our core values of responsibility, loyalty and cooperation.

    • Providing a safe working environment for our employees and service providers

    • Improving all aspects of environmental protection, including the impact of our operations on air, water and soil, to minimize our environmental footprint.

    I believe that as we move toward achieving our goals, we must all be committed to the provisions of the Corporate Policy. Our achievements and successes as one of PEDC's subsidiaries are based on this commitment and are the result of the empathy and cooperation of our colleagues.

    Ali Khajavi

    Chief Executive Officer

      Our values:

      Responsibility and accountability:

      We will use all our determination to fulfill our commitments. Gaining the trust of all stakeholders and interacting effectively with them is our priority.

      The Audacity to Thrive:

      We are courageously seeking for the best business opportunities and we believe that healthy and professional competition makes us stronger.

      sustainability and flexibility for change:

      improving efficiency is a constant process for us, and to achieve this we are not only looking for the best innovations, but also welcome all creative and different ideas and solutions. Change makes us stronger.

      Create enduring values:

      We are committed to doing the right thing in all areas, including safety, quality and productivity and also the environment. For us, the implementation of each project is a stage that leaves a lasting impression of our capabilities and commitment.

      Pezhvak Energy

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