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Sepehr and Jufair Drilling Project

Sepehr and Jufair Drilling Project

Sunday، 27 June 2021 | Article Rating

Sepehr and Jufair Drilling Project

• Contract No.: SJ-CN-SC-98-0034 

• Main employer: Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) 

• Employer: Pasargad Exploration, Development and Production Company

• Project site: Khuzestan Province, 65 km from west Ahwaz and 30 km from South Susangerd 

• Date contract signed: 02.05.2020 

• Date started: 23.06.2020  

• Contract term: 2 years 

• Contract scope: Engineering, goods supply, drilling and rendering relate services (EPDS)

Project services: 

• Ths project includes engineering, goods supply, drilling, well completion, well test, well stimulation and all drilling operation services (EPDS) for 6 wells using two HP 2000 drilling rigs for the purpose of developing Sepehr-Jufair field.

• Two of those wells are delineation and four others are production wells.

• This contract will be enforced in the form of consortium with National Iranian Drilling Company.

Sepehr and Jufair Logistic Project 

Employer: Pasargad Exploration, Development and Production Company 

Project site: Khuzestan Province, 55 km from Southwest Ahwaz 

Contract scope: to provide logistic services for Sepehr and Jufair Field Development Project (phase 1) in the sections related to executive operations of underground and overland sections and project scope including rendering all services in 9 fields

Project services:

-Hoteling services

-Catering services

-Landscape cleaning services

-Local purchase services

-Installation and repair services

-Ticket supply services

-Support services

-Lightweight transport 

  • Sepehr and Jufair Drilling Project

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