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Sepehr-Jufair oil field development project (EPDS-1)

Sepehr-Jufair oil field development project (EPDS-1)

Sunday، 27 June 2021 | Article Rating
Contract content: Providing engineering, procurement, drilling operation and services as well as commissioning of other services/ drilling six wells in Sepehr-Jufair oil field as EPDS.

The complete implementation of the EPDS is as follows:

  • Providing engineering, procurement, drilling operation, well completion, well testing and stimulation and all drilling services (EPDS) of 6 Fahlian production wells with pressure of 10000 kPa by using 4 HP 2000 rigs.
  • Sepehr No.02 and No.09 are delineation wells and Sepehr No.03 , 06, 08 and Joufair 07 are production wells. The drilling depth of every well is approximately 4650 meters and 27900 meters collectively.

The Main Client: Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)

The Project client: Pasargad Exploration and Production

Project location: 60 km west of Ahvaz and 30km south of Susangerd, Khosetan province

The contract type: EPDS

  • Sepehr-Jufair oil field development project (EPDS-1)

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